Creating Strong Passwords: Do's and Don'ts

Picking a good, strong password is a really important place to start to prevent cybercriminals getting to your information. Do not underestimate the complex ways they can and will use to get hold of your data, from simple password hacks and phishing scams to malware attacks. For some it might seem like old news, but […]
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Why Is Bank Independency Important?

As financial technologies develop, bank independency is something more and more companies adopt. Bank independency not only means that financial streams are dealt with online and require less manual interventions (straight through processing). Mainly not having to rely on the services provided by the bank where the account is held is also an important one when talking about bank independency. A couple of things mentioned below emphasise the importance of being, or becoming, bank independent.
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7 Reasons Why You Should Do e-Invoicing Too

E-invoicing is more than just a PDF that you send via e-mail. It’s a fully-automated process that enables receivers to get the invoice directly into their financial system. In this blog we’ve summed up some of the key benefits for senders and receivers of electronic invoices.
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