Sales invoice solution

A flexible solution for sales invoices

Unifiedpost Sign replaces the traditional process of document printing, signing, scanning or sending by post with a fast, simple and legally valid digital signature.

In 4 simple steps

You submit your document and contact information to our platform, with a request to sign the document. An invitation will be sent to the addressee by email or SMS to sign the document. The recipient signs the document via Unifiedpost Sign, and you both receive a confirmation of signing and the signed document.

Why use the sales invoice solution?



Invoices are sent out promptly and in a timely manner


Reports show the invoice delivery status


Channel management and complex technical solutions are all handled by Unifiedpost Group


The process is sound and the sending of invoices is recorded

Acceleration of cash flow 

Invoices sent on time are received faster


No major investments in invoicing technology or experts

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