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About us

Hi! Happy to see you are wondering about us.

Let us introduce ourselves: we are a team of 4 people, soon to be 3, as one of us is taking on a new adventure. We named our group chat “The Musketeers” (actually, “TheMusketeer ladies”, but that’s just a coincidence). We take care of people operations at Unifiedpost Romania and with everything we do, we aim to support the team here excel in its scope, through acquiring and building the right skills and competencies, making sure performance is recognised and well rewarded, salaries and benefits are paid on time, office space is nice and well-equipped, and fun is on the menu, as often as possible.

We will be more than happy to meet you if you think you can become “the fourth musketeer”.

About the job

Although you'll definitely get to do more than this, your main focus will be:

  • Talent acquisition
    • Define and implement recruitment marketing strategies with emphasis on Employer Branding, Inbound Recruiting, Candidate Experience, and Data-Driven Recruitment;
    • Deliver full-cycle recruitment from sourcing, attracting, interviewing to extending offers;
    • Creatively and continuously improve our on-boarding experience and processes to ensure we are providing the most welcoming, impactful and efficient on-boarding experience;
  • Talent development
    • Contribute to building and delivering initiatives that increase people engagement, satisfaction and retention;
    • Implement competency development programs as part of our Talent Engagement Program;
  • Workplace culture
    • Support the (re)design and implementation of workplace practices and policies, making sure they are useful, efficient, legally compliant and in line with company values;
    • Build trustworthy relationships across the company and encourage two-way communication with all of our people;
    • Create opportunities for people to interact, have fun, socialize and get to know each other.

We would be happy to see

You know yourself best, so see if you can check most of the boxes below:

  • Master timely and open communication;
  • Have exquisite attention to detail and an analytical eye;
  • Love taking on new challenges and coming up with solutions;
  • Easily adapt to changing situations;
  • Have initiative and autonomy;
  • React quickly to people's requests and keep your promises;
  • Offer your help whenever possible, even if it’s outside your scope;
  • Enjoy spreadsheets and databases and have an excellent knowledge of Excel and Google Drive tools.
  • Previous experience in an IT environment would be a significant plus.

This is what you get

This is the job... though we believe there’s more to it than carrying out tasks. So, to get a glimpse of who we are, also to talk about perks and money, come meet us.

The Musketeer(s) [ladies]!

About Unifiedpost

Unifiedpost is a Business-Process-as-a-Service provider (BPaaS) and offers a complete technology portfolio for identity management, document management, payments & payment management, app stores with value-added services. We support corporates and B2B communities.

Our solutions range from the mundane, such as e-invoicing, to the clever ‘fintech’, facilitating asset-based lending services and alike. Unlike many point-solution providers, Unifiedpost is the one-stop-shop for streamlining your financial value chain.

Unifiedpost Group is offering more and more services that require a great deal of trust from our customers. As a result, all roles within any of the companies of the Unifiedpost Group are subject to some form of a background check.  For most roles, this will involve a simple identity and degree verification.  For other roles, we might be required to also verify your criminal record and employment history.

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