Digitally. Registered.

You have received a registered letter digitally. What now?

How does it work?

What is Digitally. Registered?

Digitally. Registered. is an online platform used by companies to send digitally registered mail to their customers. A digitally registered mail is the digital version of a registered mail on paper.

The digital version has the same legal value throughout Europe as a paper one because Digitally. Registered. has been acknowledged as a qualified trust service for digitally registered mail (eIDAS). You can find us on the list of trust services within Europe. 

Digitally. Registered. ensures the correct delivery of the document with the necessary supporting documents attached. The integrity of the document is guaranteed throughout the process. 

Accept your digitally registered mail in 4 steps

Step 1

You have received an email with the message that a digital registered letter is waiting for you.

Press the 'accept’ button to accept the mail.

Step 2

You need to identify yourself so that Digitally. Registered. is sure you're the right recipient. Identification happens via the app itsme. Click on 'accept with itsme' to start the identification process.

Click here if you don't have an itsme account.

Step 3

Confirm your details.

Step 4

You can now view your digitally registered mail.

One of our clients

“Securex is a strong believer in digital processes as they are faster, easier to track and more cost-efficient than those that rely on paper. In our continuous journey towards digital workflows, we always keep evaluating our tools and processes. 

Unifiedpost Group, with its proven track record in digitalising similar processes, developed this innovative solution for registered letters, making them the obvious partner in taking this next step.”

Dimitri De Schepper, Digital Director Securex


Why am I getting this email?

If you received an email from regarding a digitally registered letter, it means that a user of our service has sent you a document. The sender of the document has been given permission to reach you via your email address. 

I don't have itsme,
can I still view the document?

At this time, only itsme is used as an identification method. Without itsme, you can’t accept digitally registered shipments for the time being.

The installation manual of the itsme app and the link of your identity are described via this link.

How do I find out the sender of my document?

The sender of a digitally registered shipment can be different for each delivery. The sender of the document chooses whether or not to show his name before you accepted the document. If the sender does not want to share his information before you accept the document,  you will receive an overview of existing customers within our service.

Trust service provider

Digitally. Registered is officially a Qualified electronic Registered Delivery Service (QeRDS) in Europe!

Our service has been audited against the eIDAS regulation and ETSI standards applicable to QeRDS. We completed a 2-stage audit and FOD Economics confirmed the report of our conformity body and published Digitally. Registered. as a qualified service. We are therefor one of the few trust services that this service offers.
Because of the qualification, the registered mail has the same legal value throughout Europe and that is why you can also find us on the list of trust services within Europe.
Go to the list of trust services within Europe.