Who is Unifiedpost Group

What we do


We support enterprises in making the transition from paper-based processes to automated digital processes. By connecting our clients with their stakeholders, we automate sales and purchase transactions and unlock liquidity.

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Key figures and History


With a pedigree for technological innovation and a track record spanning over 20 years, our journey tells a story of ambition, commitment and collaboration.

But our journey doesn’t end here! It’s only just begun.

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Get to know the team behind the solutions.


Meet our management team and board of directors and learn how their expertise makes Unifiedpost Group what we are today.


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We are fundamentally committed to a mission of sustainability at a corporate, cultural and policy level.

We aim to maximize the impact we have by focusing on a twofold dimension of our sustainability drive: as a facilitator of economic sustainable growth, and as an employer.

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Corporate Governance


Unifiedpost Group highly values strong and ethical governance.

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