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Unifiedpost Group was founded in Belgium in 2001. Since September 2020, we are listed on Euronext Brussels. Unifiedpost AS has offered its services to Latvian customers for more than 20 years. Under brand names Itella, OpusCapita and Fitek, we became the leading provider of invoicing services to both public sector and businesses. 

Here you can read more about our history and acquisitions over the years.

Unifiedpost Group wants to become the leading cloud-based platform for SME business services built on “Documents”, “Identity” and “Payments” and help customers structure complex financial administrative processes by delivering simple, smart, digital solutions. 

Unifiedpost AS employs 90 people in Latvia.

Our offering in Latvia



The Administrative Billing Solution For Entrepreneurs

Simplifying the administrative burden for SMEs, the self-employed and freelancers.… is our core belief.

We offer you the opportunity to manage all of your administration and invoicing in a smooth, simple and secure way. Our all-in-one platform for administration & billing provides an overview of all your incoming and outgoing invoices, on demand from anywhere.. Allowing you to spend less time on administration and invoicing, and make quick adjustments where necessary.

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Manage all your purchase invoices with Fitekin - an online purchase invoice management system for approval workflow. The system supports e-invoices, PDF and paper invoices, as well as receipt processing. The verification, coordination, approval, posting, archiving of invoices and sending to the company's accounting system can be partially or fully automated. Fitekin offers you an opportunity to work remotely using any device with an Internet connection.

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Sending an invoice

We will take care of the process of preparing and sending your invoices, regardless of how many invoices need to be sent per month and whether the recipient is an individual, company or public sector. All you have to do is to send us the billing data from your accounting or other business system and we will do the rest - converting the data, visualizing it and sending to the corresponding recipient via different channels. Our systems will ensure that invoices are sent in the most convenient format for the recipient - e-invoices, PDF or paper invoices.

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Digitization of invoices and documents

Unifiedpost digitization services provide processing and preparation of paper and PDF invoices and other types of documents for electronic use. All you have to do is to send the paper and PDF invoices / documents to the address provided and all the required information will be captured by OCR software and verified by our digitization specialists. Invoice images and identified data will be transferred in the format you need for import into the company's accounting system or other business management systems. Document images and data will be transferred for electronic archiving in the format and system you specify.

Receiving and sending e-invoices

With Unifiedpost, you can easily receive and send e-invoices and you will be provided with an access to the largest network of e-invoice senders and recipients. In addition to our e-invoicing customers, you will also have access to the customers of other e-invoicing operators. Our solution provides electronic transmission of invoice data from the invoicing system and format to the recipient's system and format. We offer integration for automatic receipt and sending of invoices with various accounting programs, PEPPOL network, e-mail address, etc.

More info is a digital invoice sending and receiving platform for small and medium-sized companies, which allows you to prepare and send invoices in various formats and via different delivery channels. By registering in the platform, you will be able to generate and send e-invoices, international e-invoices using the PEPPOL network, PDF invoices by e-mail and paper invoices by mail. You can send invoices to the recipient to e-mail, e-mail address, PEPPOL network, directly to the recipient's accounting system, as well as to the Fitekin invoice management system. All you have to do is prepare an invoice on the platform and the system will offer the invoice sending formats and channel depending on the recipient's preferences.


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EDI - Electronic data exchange in the goods supply process


The EDI solution for electronic and automatic circulation of transaction documents between partners from one accounting system to another. EDI helps to "talk" in real-time with supplier and recipient resource management and accounting systems and exchange electronic documents. By implementing EDI in your company, placing orders, receiving orders, delivery notes, receipt notifications, and invoice circulation will become an effective process in your company. You will appreciate the true value of the system when you start using it.


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Payment initiation services

As one of Europe's leading payment service providers, we offer secure and convenient payment initiation service that will ensure simple payment, fast receipt of funds and a variety of integration capabilities for already existing systems in your company. 

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Automatic payments


Taking care of the convenience of the businesses and their customers in the payment service area, we offer automatic and regular payments that will facilitate the daily life of customers and ensure that the company receives payments of invoices on time.


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News & Events

Fitek Group is rebranding to Unifiedpost Group  

La Hulpe (Belgium), 5 January 2021 — Fitek - the leader in financial automation processes, known for developing and operating e-invoice sending and receiving solutions, is rebranding  to Unifiedpost Group as of January 2021. 

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Companies to ramp up digitisation

La Hulpe (Belgium), Riga, 20 November 2020 - As the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic rages across Europe, and as EU countries are reintroducing various restrictions, the topic of working remotely but effectively in these difficult conditions comes back to the agenda of many businesses. Some of them dealt with the matter of digitisation back in spring, but some chose to just weather the storm and hope that they would not have to worry about these problems anymore. It seems that these businesses will have to face them, however. And the sooner, the better.

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Unifiedpost Group expands to the Baltics, Central and Eastern Europe with the acquisition of Fitek Group

La Hulpe (Belgium), Tallinn, 2 April 2019 - Unifiedpost Group, one of Europe’s leading FinTech firms, acquires Fitek Group, the Baltics, Central and Eastern European market leader in financial automation processes. The acquisition of Fitek Group, with HQ in the Baltics, offers Unifiedpost Group an opportunity to expand its activities to 8 countries in Europe where it was not yet active. With this acquisition, Unifiedpost Group reconfirms its growth strategy through acquisitions and becomes a leading player on the European e-invoicing market.

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You're in good company

"We have been cooperating with Unifiedpost (before Fitek) for almost 20 years and we are proud to work with a team of professionals. Together with Unifiedpost we have improved and developed our insurance services and together we have grown and evolved. We know clearly that if there is a need for changes or improvements to IF, Unifiedpost will be efficient, flexible and will get the job done at the highest quality."

Jānis Kesteris, Head of the Baltic IT Department of If P&C Insurance AS

"In ten years of collaboration with Unifiedpost (before Fitek), we have made sure that the values of the company are consistent with the values of our organization and the needs of our customers, which we believe is one of the most important factors in creating successful cooperation. Luminor, as one of the largest financial service providers in the Baltic region, uses the solutions provided by Unifiedpost for printing and sending documents in both paper and electronic format, digitisation of documents, electronic archiving, and billing. With the precision and responsibility of the Unifiedpost team, we have been able to achieve high performance both in Latvia and throughout the Baltic region. "

Daiga Laugale, Member of the Board of Luminor Līzings

"As our company Linde Gas operates in the field of industrial and medical gases, it is important for us to be flexible and offer mutually beneficial cooperation conditions when serving our customers. Unifiedpost has always been open in making changes to the preparation of the required documents, has been accurate and completed the task within the deadlines, thus allowing us to focus on our core business without worries."

Iveta Silkalne, Head of the Baltic Customer Service Centre

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