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Unifiedpost was founded in Belgium by our CEO, Hans Leybaert, in 2001 and since 22 September 2020 we are listed on Euronext Brussels.

Here you can read more about our history and acquisitions over the years.

Unifiedpost Group wants to become the leading cloud-based platform for SME business services built on “Documents”, “Identity” and “Payments” and help customers structure complex financial administrative processes by delivering simple, smart, digital solutions.

Our offering in The Netherlands

Banqup Z login Channel Collect Scriptura Engage Payment Hub


Banqup, the cleverest way to create and send sales invoices, keep an overview of incoming and outgoing invoices and manage administration.

Electronic invoicing via Banqup is also very attractive for accountants. 


  • e-Invoicing in construction according to the prescribed DICO standard
    Collaborate online with the customer. 
  • Customer can easily upload invoices with, among other things, the Banqup scan app. 
  • Processing and recognition of invoices will be automated. 
  • Option to make invoices available when booking via an accounting-vas link. 
  • Peak processing decreases because invoices are available earlier. 
  • The customer has access to a user-friendly online file and therefore no longer needs a paper file. 

Banqup was rolled out for our former Agrobox customers under the name 'Billtobox'. Unifiedpost replaced all old eInvoicing platforms (Z invoice and AgroBox, formerly ZET solutions, now Unifiedpost) by the Billtobox platform. AgroConnect invoices can also be easily converted to UBL and UBL invoices can be converted to AgroConnect XML if desired.

You're in good company

"With Z login I can log in safely, for example at RVO. Our company is located in a rural area, where the range for mobile phones is not always optimal. The great thing about Z login is that I can also log in with an OTP device, so that I can also access the relevant information when my reach is poor. And because we are an LTO member, I also get an extra discount!"

Eefje Meihuizen-Kuyt - Agricultural Entrepeneur & District Counsel FrieslandCampina


"With the Z login Management module, we keep an overview of all departments and divisions. For us, it is a tool to do our work well. With so many offices, figuring out who to authorize for what could be quite complicated. However, thanks to the professional support from customer service it was quickly arranged and we can now manage it ourselves."

Marcel Koppenol - Facilicom Group


“Thanks to Billtobox, we give our customers exactly what they want: maximum care.“

Xavier Delattre - Delattre

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