Investor Relations

Investor Relations

At Unifiedpost Group, it’s our mission to help customers structure complex financial ecosystems by delivering convenient, smart and fully digital solutions.

Our product offering has evolved significantly over the years as we’ve strived to keep ahead of digitalization trends. However, our mission to help clients make the transition from paper-based processes to automated digital processes has remained unchanged since we founded the company in 2001.

Economic conditions, competitive environments, technological innovation and regulatory change have forced companies to accelerate the digitalisation of their business processes. We anticipated these market developments and stayed ahead of the curve by constantly expanding the range of products and services we offer.

And, by successfully combining organic growth with our buy-and-build strategy, we developed a secure, cloud-based platform that allows businesses to embed streamlined, automated business functions into their business – functions spanning everything from e-invoicing and payments processing, to working capital financing, e-identity solutions and more.

In the past three years alone we have successfully acquired eight complementary companies. Our services today reach 980.000+ SME’s and 2.500+ large corporates and governments, which, together, process over 400 million documents a year, via our 30 offices.

We’re really excited about the future of digitalisation and the benefits it will bring to business - join us on our journey!





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Hans Leybaert
Founder & CEO of Unifiedpost Group

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