Investor Newsletter January 2022

2021 was a year for Unifiedpost in which an exceptional operational progress was made. Six acquisitions were done, which resulted in a significant geographical expansion as well as an extension of the product portfolio. Additionally, the rollout of Banqup in 30 countries started. In this first edition of Unifiedpost‘s quarterly Investor Newsletter, we report on some key business news, media coverage and our financial calendar. And of course we take the opportunity to send you all our best wishes for the new year!

Unifiedpost Group’s Management

Business news

Single instance was successfully launched

Unifiedpost Group recently had a successful soft launch of the Banqup Platform ( and Console ( This single instance approach is a true milestone in the ongoing pan-European roll out of the platform, in which a global framework is set up combined with a local footprint in each country. More on Banqup.

E-invoicing requirements construction industry will boost Banqup in The Netherlands

As of January 1st 2022, e-invoicing is mandatory in the Dutch construction industry. This will lead to a significant increase in efficiency and simplicity in the complex vertical invoicing flows between large corporates and their subcontractors. Approximately 40,000 construction companies are involved, with the majority being small enterprises not familiar yet with electronic invoicing. Focussing on the latter, Banqup is indicated as the tool for SMEs to issue and distribute their invoices according to the standards applied in the sector (DICO version SALES005). They can use the platform of Unifiedpost as a direct interface between client and subcontractor, to exchange documents and to communicate efficiently in their administrative workflow. 

Outsourcing deal in Sweden and Norway with Ropo Capital

Unifiedpost’s Scandinavian subsidiary 21 Grams closed a strategic service deal with Ropo Capital, the local market leader in invoice and credit management. Unifiedpost will produce and distribute all of Ropo's outgoing document flows, both physically and digitally, in Sweden and Norway. This distribution also includes postage and e-invoicing to internet banking. As the print business is not a core activity of Unifiedpost, this service will be delivered by KGM in Sweden and Bypost in Norway. More than one third of the e-invoices to internet banking in Sweden will be handled by Unifiedpost as from now on.



Investor Day: On track to integrate corporate services on one single network

In December 2021, Unifiedpost Group hosted its first Investor Day. Management presented the consolidated product range (Banqup, Channel and Collect), consisting of highly scalable products for e-invoicing, payment, financing and e-procurement. Next to that, new business KPI’s were shown to the market and growth perspectives were further explained. Read more and watch replay.

Marcus Laube co-chairman of European E-invoicing Service Provider Association

Congratulations to Marcus Laube, CSO of Unifiedpost Group, who has been elected as one of the two Co-Chairs of EESPA for two more years. The European E-Invoicing Service Provider Association (EESPA) is an association for a large and growing community of e-invoicing service providers. The aim of EESPA is to promote and drive digitalisation in Europe in e-invoices and other electronic documents. The focus is also on implementing e-invoices in a "tax compliant" manner. "I am happy to continue as Co-Chair of EESPA, being the largest e-Invoicing community worldwide, for another two years. My ambition is to support upcoming e-Invoicing mandates like in Germany, the international expansion of our activities with local chapters and our new interoperability standard for service providers", Marcus comments on his re-election.

CFO Laurent Marcelis explains the challenges of an IPO during COVID-crisis

Unifiedpost Group’s CFO Laurent Marcelis recently was in the studios of news channel LN24, during a show that promotes Belgian start-ups, scale-ups and SME’s that are successful, innovative and growing. He explains on the challenges and lessons learned after the successful IPO of the company in 2020. Watch the video.

Financial Calendar

  • 08/03/2022 Publication FY 2021 Financial Results
  • 19/04/2022 Publication Annual Report 2021
  • 17/05/2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
  • 23/05/2022 Publication Q1 2022 Business Update 
  • 12/08/2022 Publication H1 2022 Business Update
  • 16/09/2022 Publication H1 2022 Financial Results
  • 10/11/2022 Publication Q3 2022 Business Update

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