Shareholder information

Shareholder Information


Andreas Markou
Research Analyst – EU Mid Cap
+44 20 3753 3022

Nigel van Putten
Research Analyst Tech & Fintech 
+31 20 348 9192

Degroof Petercam
Michael Roeg
Senior Sell-Side Analyst
+31 20 573 5422

Kepler Cheuvreux
Matthias Maenhaut
Equity Research Analyst 
+32 11 49 14 61


The total capital of Unifiedpost Group amounts to EUR 309,188,642.94 and is represented by 33,449,599 shares without mention of nominal value. There are no preference shares. Each of these shares confers one voting right at the Shareholders’ Meeting and these shares therefore represent the denominator for the purposes of notifications under the transparency regulations, i.e. notifications in the event that the statutory or legal thresholds of 5%, or a multiple of 5%, of the total number of voting rights attached to Unifiedpost Group’s securities are reached, exceeded or exceeded. Unifiedpost Group’s articles of association do not provide for any additional statutory thresholds. 

A total of 157,293 subscription rights are outstanding. The subscription rights comprise 100,000 “Key Man Subscription Rights” held by Sofias BV (Hans Leybaert), 36,584 “ESOP Subscription Rights (2015)” – of which 1,000 have not been allocated -, and 20,709 “Investment Subscription Rights”. Each subscription right entitles its holder to 10 ordinary shares of Unifiedpost Group upon exercise. In the event of a conversion of the subscription rights, the transaction would result in the creation of a maximum of 1,572,930 shares with the same number of voting rights.



The table below shows Unifiedpost Group’s shareholder structure, based on information received from shareholders (see transparency notifications), or publicly available information.

Name Number of shares % of shares
Sofias BV (Hans Leybaert) [1] 3,904,970 12.84%
Capital Research and Management Company [2]  2,000,000 6.58%
Swedbank Robur Fonder AB [3]    1,847,989 5.98%


[1]  : on the basis of the transparency notification dd. 24/09/2020
[2]  : on the basis of the transparency notification dd. 28/09/2020, which has been done by The Capital Group Companies, Inc. on behalf of its subsidiaries Capital Research and Management Company
[3]  : on the basis of the transparency notification dd. 26/01/2021, which has been done by Swedbank Robur Fonder AB



Act of May 2nd 2007 – Royal Decree of February 14th, 2008

Pursuant to the legal requirements enacted in the Belgian Act of May 2nd 2007 on the disclosure of major shareholdings in listed companies, the applicable major shareholding notification thresholds are set at 5%, 10% and multiples of 5% of Unifiedpost Group’s total number of securities with voting rights issued. Unifiedpost Group’s articles of association do not provide for any additional statutory thresholds.

Major shareholding notifications should be filed with the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA), as well as with Unifiedpost Group.
The FSMA advises to notify them electronically by e-mail on the following account: , as well as by fax on the number +32 2 220 59 12.
The company advises to file the notification to the attention of its Legal Department by e-mail: [].
For more detailed information on the compliance with the applicable disclosure obligations, please note that the FSMA has made available on its website ( a Form TR-1 BE and an Information Guide concerning Transparency Legislation and Forms.

Unifiedpost Group has received the following transparency notifications from its shareholders:

- Sofias
- Funds advised by Capital International Investors
- Swedbank Robur Fonder AB 


Shareholders’ meeting

Information on the rights of shareholders to attend and vote at a shareholders’ meeting of Unifiedpost Group can be found: here.


General meeting

Information on the general meeting can be found: here.