Shares and capital


The total capital of Unifiedpost Group amounts to EUR 321,975,562.88 and is represented by 34,546,431 shares without mention of nominal value. All shares are ordinary shares and confer equal rights. Each share entitles its holder to one vote at the general meeting and the shares represent the denominator for the purpose of transparency notifications, as set forth hereafter. In accordance with the conditions, terms and modalities stipulated in articles 6 to 13 of the Law of 2 May 2007 and the Royal Decree of 14 February 2008 on the disclosure of important shareholdings (the “Transparency Law”), every natural or legal person must notify the Company and the FSMA of the number and percentage of existing voting rights that it holds directly or indirectly, when the number of voting rights reaches, exceeds or falls below 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, etc., each per 5-percent bracket, of the total of the existing voting rights. The articles of association of the Company do not provide for additional notification thresholds. Transparency declarations are published on the Company’s website.

A total of 655,896 subscription rights are outstanding. The subscription rights comprise 100,000 “Key Man Subscription Rights” held by Sofias BV (Hans Leybaert), 35,250 “ESOP Subscription Rights (2015)” – of which 1,000 have not been allocated -, and 20,646 “Investment Subscription Rights”. Each subscription right entitles its holder to 10 ordinary shares of Unifiedpost Group upon exercise. In the event of a conversion of the subscription rights, the transaction would result in the creation of a maximum of 1,558,960 shares with the same number of voting rights. 

The Company has issued 500,000 subscription rights (“Stock Option Warrants”), allowing each to subscribe to one new ordinary share, and, subject to the condition precedent of the grant, acceptance and exercise of subscription rights and has increased the capital up to a maximum sum equivalent to the multiplication of the number of “Stock Option Warrants” subscription rights exercised by the exercise price of the “Stock Option Warrants” subscription rights, and this by the issuance of a maximum of 500,000 new shares. The beneficiaries of the subscription rights are members of the personnel of the Company within the meaning of article 1:27 of the Companies and Associations Code.



The table below shows Unifiedpost Group’s shareholder structure, based on information received from shareholders (see transparency notifications), or publicly available information.

Name Number of shares % of shares

NN Group N.V. [1]                                                                 5.197.560  15,05%
Alychlo [2]  4.120.282  11,93%
Sofias BV (Hans Leybaert)   3.904.970 11,30%
Swedbank Robur Fonder AB [3]    1.460.056 4,23%
PE Group N.V. [4]     1.412.440 4,09%
Francisco Partners [5]      1.082.862  3,13%


[1] : on the basis of the transparency notifications d.d. 06/10/2021 (5%), 24/12/2021 (10.55%) and 20/07/2022 (15,05%), which have been done by NN Group N.V.
[2] : on the basis of the transparency notification d.d. 12/07/2022, which has been done by Alychlo N.V.
[3] : on the basis of the transparency notification d.d. 08/06/2022, which has been done by Swedbank Robur Fonder AB.
[4] : on the basis of the transparency notification d.d. 19/07/2022, which has been done by PE Group N.V.
[5] : on the basis of the transparency notification d.d. 26/07/2022, which has been done by Francisco Partners.