Unifiedpost acquires Onea and Nomadesk


Unifiedpost, the independent Benelux BPaaS market leader in integrated document, payment and identity solutions is proud to announce the recent strategic acquisitions of Onea (real-time integrated accounting) and Nomadesk (file sharing and synchronisation).

With the acquisition of Onea and Nomadesk, Unifiedpost wants to make the bridge between the company’s internal systems and the Unifiedpost platform services. Business customers, both SME’s and corporate, will get a seamless integration with a wide range of digital business services on the Unifiedpost-platform-deployed communities. These services manage the digital interaction of a company with his stakeholders, like his employees, suppliers, customers, banks and accountant.

Both management and shareholders are very happy with the acquisition as a continuation of the planned growth and completion of the unique “one-stop-shop” portfolio that Unifiedpost offers.

Hans Leybaert, CEO and founder of Unifiedpost Group, stated; “Onea makes it possible to integrate the document and payment flows into a bookkeeping system or ERP. It’s for instance a crucial step in fintech propositions like the financial supply chain.”

Filip Vranckx, founder and CEO of Onea stated: Onea successfully developed Robotic Accounting solutions and has become an important partner for the new digital accountant. Especially the accounting industry can take advantages from the new solutions that Fintech is offering. Partnering with Unifiedpost gives Onea the opportunity to enter the Fintech market with proven solutions. And the vision of Unifiedpost fits perfectly into the strategic digital accounting solutions of Onea. I am looking forward to become part of the Unifiedpost Group of companies.

Hans Leybaert continues: “The Nomadesk solutions will allow different business stakeholders to work in a collaborative mode, a crucial need in the digital world of today.”

Filip Tack, co-founder of Nomadesk concurs: “The Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization (EFSS) market is consolidating rapidly and our acquisition confirms this trend. As a SaaS pioneer Nomadesk leverages – under the wing of UnifiedPost – the opportunity to specifically address the financial sector. For UnifiedPost, the Nomadesk acquisition will open up new market channels for their proven Fintech solutions.”

Onea and Nomadesk will be integrated in the Unifiedpost organization in the upcoming months, with respect of the current customer focus of both Onea and Nomadesk. Together with the planned expansion, Unifiedpost will enlarge investments to create more value added services on the current platforms. Unifiedpost will centralize its Flemish activities in a new Gent office, to support further growth and increase in staff.


About Unifiedpost

Unifiedpost provides a complete technology portfolio for identity management, document processing, robotic accounting and apps with added value. As such, Unifiedpost is a unique one-stop-shop cloud provider for optimizing the financial B2B value chain, from order to invoicing and payment, from employment contract to pay slip.

Interesting facts and figures concerning the Unifiedpost Group:

- Established in 2001, with a proven track record
- €26 million in consolidated turnover, predominantly recurrent
- 230 FTEs in Benelux and Eastern Europe, of whom 70 work in R&D
- 200 million documents processed per year
- Extensive portfolio with customer references in various sectors, from large internationals to various SME communities
- Payment institution recognized by the National Bank of Belgium
- International M&A track record (e.g. ZET Solutions, PowertoPay, Nomadesk, Onea, etc.)