Unifiedpost Group launches one of Europe’s first digital registered mail services

La Hulpe

HR-service provider, Securex, is the first major adopter of ‘Digitally. Registered.’

Unifiedpost Group, a leading European fintech company, has launched one of Europe’s first digitised registered mail services. By using this, companies can send letters for signature to other companies or customers in a much greener, cheaper, simpler, and more secure way. Today, HR-service provider Securex pioneers, but Unifiedpost will soon upscale the functionality and make it available for all SME’s connected to their European platforms.

Every year, Belgian consumers and companies send 33 million pieces of registered mail. In many cases, it’s mandated by law to formally register certain types of mail, such as court documents and employment, insurance, or service contract termination notices. Next to that, registered mail is used regularly for sending important documents such as rental agreements and payment reminders. 

By launching this new service, Unifiedpost Group aims to streamline the process of sending important documents by digitising each step, allowing businesses to send mails over their own digital devices to other companies or to their customers. Today, more than 400.000 companies, mainly SME’s, are connected to the platform of Unifiedpost Group (including Billtobox). This additional functionality could have a significant impact on their day-to-day business.   

Hans Leybaert, CEO and founder of Unifiedpost Group, explains: “Utility companies, temporary recruitment agencies, and loan and insurance companies are the most active users of both B2C and B2B registered mail, which currently largely relies on physically posting hard copies of expensive and cumbersome letters. By digitising this process, the platform of Unifiedpost Group can contribute to a smoother, more reliable, and, especially in COVID-times, also safer transaction. Basically, we believe that digitally sending registered mail is cheaper, easier, and more efficient. Let’s also not forget the positive impact on mobility and the environment as a whole.” 

More control and convenience

Fully digital e-registered mail allows its users to be more in control and experience more convenience. There’s a lower risk of the letter getting lost or being delivered to the wrong person and, once the letter has been sent and accepted by the recipient, the sender has fulfilled his or her legal obligation. The recipient does not have to be home to receive the letter: a simple internet connection is sufficient to complete the exchange, which further simplifies the process. In addition, users do not need to register for the service - recipients can accept the registered mail using the Belgian identity verification tool “itsme”.

First major adopter

HR-service provider, Securex, is the first client to adopt Unifiedpost Group’s ‘Digitally. Registered.’ service. As a part of its daily operations, Securex frequently sends registered mail to business owners and self-employed clients when required. Many recipients, however, never pick up the letter, making it an unwieldy and expensive chore.

Dimitri De Schepper, Digital Director at Securex, commented: “Securex is a strong believer in digital processes as they are faster, easier to track, and more cost-efficient than those that rely on paper. In our continuous journey towards digital workflows, we always keep evaluating our tools and processes. Unifiedpost Group, a listed company with its proven track record in digitising similar processes, developed this innovative solution for registered letters, making them the obvious partner in taking this next step.”

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