SEB Bank, in partnership with Fitek, starts offering e-invoice distribution to SME clients in Estonia

In a new partnership launching in Estonia next month (July), Fitek, part of Europe’s leading financial technology company, Unifiedpost Group, is to integrate its e-invoice distribution platform with SEB Bank’s system for business clients.


Starting from July 2020, SEB business clients will be able to send e-invoices to B2C (business-to-customer), B2B (business-to-business) and B2G (business-to-government) segments using Fitek’s new platform. The initiatives stems from SEB’sdesire to help entrepreneurial minds and innovative companies succeed through the good times and bad, thereby creating a better world.

The new e-invoice sending platform will be accessible to SEB business customers, predominantly SMEs,using SEB Internet Bank. Users of the new service will be able to sign a contract, use the e-invoice sending portal, collect payment and archive invoices, all in one place.

Mait Sooaru, CEO of the Fitek Group says, “We are pleased that Fitek was chosen as a partner in the delivery of the brand new SEB e-invoicing platform for SME clients. The transition to sending e-invoices is part of a real-time economic movement which is transforming companies and facilitating business transactions and informational exchange in a digital, standardized, and machine-readable format. Real-time economic solutions help businesses save both time and money, especially in accounting,. E-invoicing is the future and plays an important role in this digital transformation.”

SEB e-invoice sending platform will be available to SEB business clients this summer.

Ragnar Toomla, Head of Open Banking Baltics at SEB Bank, adds: “Through our partnership with Fitek, we will be able to bring our customers a wider choice of services. The integration of invoice management to SEB Internet Bank increases our customers’ efficiency and lowers risk by fully digitalising their invoice management. We believe that it is possible to provide clear and easy-to-use services to customers through connecting a best-in-class service provider to SEB customers.”

SEB Bank

SEB Bank is a leading Nordic financial services group, founded in 1856. In Sweden and the Baltic countries, SEB offers financial advice and a wide range of financial services. In Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany, SEB operations have a strong focus on a full-service offering to corporate and institutional clients.
SEB has 4.4 million business and private customers around the world, and 15,000 employees.

Fitek Group

Fitek Group operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and employs 280 people. Fitek Group is owned by the Belgian company Unifiedpost Group.

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