Unifiedpost as InvoiceNow Peppol Acces Point in Singapore


Unifiedpost Group is happy to announce that we received approval from the government agency IMDA to become a Peppol Acces Point in Singapore. 

Peppol or 'Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line' is a digital network for electronically supported procurement procedures, including electronic invoicing. Peppol enables trading partners to exchange standards-based electronic documents in a secured environment over the Peppol network based on a 4 corner model. The network has its origins in Europe and in 2019 Singapore decided to implement Peppol as the nationwide E-invoicing network. In September 2020 the network in Singapore was renamed InvoiceNow (with a nod to PayNow).   

The InvoiceNow (Peppol) network in Singapore will now be added to the Unifiedpost Platform to link businesses all over the world with the official network for e-invoicing in Singapore. 

Contact office.sg@unifiedpost.com for all your inquiries about the digitalization of your administrative and financial processes.