Unifiedpost Group is now an accredited New Zealand Peppol access point


We are proud to announce that Unifiedpost Group is an accredited New Zealand Peppol access point provider.


New Zealand and Peppol

New Zealand adopted Peppol in 2019, when the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) became a Peppol Authority.

New Zealand is following the same Peppol initiative taken by other non-European countries such as Australia and Singapore. Peppol first began as a European network, but is now expanding across the globe.

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New Zealand’s e-invoicing initiatives

New Zealand has already taken the first steps towards mandatory e-invoicing. From the 31st of March 2022, central government agencies had to be able to receive invoices in an electronic format via the Peppol network. Therefore affecting any B2G transactions.

In July 2021, the country set central government agencies e-invoicing implementation targets. By July 2026 the country would like 90% of all B2G invoices to be electronic. 6,580 New Zealand businesses are already registered to receive electronic invoices, and the numbers keep growing.

New Zealand businesses exchange 280 million business invoices on an annual basis. The government predicts that the switch to electronic invoices over the next 10 years will save the economy over $4 billion.


Unifiedpost Group as a certified Peppol access point

Unifiedpost Group is a certified Peppol access point in many global countries. Our inbound and outbound e-invoicing solutions make it easy for businesses of all shapes and sizes to transition to electronic processes and connect to Peppol as well as over 60 global government e-invoicing portals.

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