Electronic Data Interchange

EDI - (Electronic Data Interchange) is a solution that enables organisations to exchange important supply chain documents (for example orders, waybills, invoices, etc.) automatically, without human intervention. Electronic data exchange solutions are relevant not only for big businesses such as wholesale, retail, logistics and transport or manufacturing companies but also for small and medium-sized businesses such as small retail chain suppliers (e.g. farmers) cafés, bars, small shops, etc.

EDI allows for real-time communication between sender’s and recipient’s different enterprise resource planning, accounting, warehouse management and other systems, by providing secure communication lines and converting or “translating” documents to a format or “language” that’s readable for each system.

When using the EDI solution, our clients don’t need to worry about setting up separate communication lines to connect with their business partners or adapting to their systems’ formats. One connection to the EDI system ensures the reliable exchange of data with all business partners.

Besides conventional EDI services, like document delivery and format conversion, this solution offers many additional and unique value-added services such as product code and unit conversions, content matching of different documents, sophisticated data enrichment, the virtual 4DOC solution, validation and many more.

Moreover, we combine EDI with other Unifiedpost services, such as digitisation, payments and financing. Also, EDI offers interconnection with other networks, like PEPPOL, local e-invoicing systems and various governmental institutions.


Value created by EDI


Effective and secure data exchange between you and your business partners
Faster delivery and execution of orders

Effective real-time management of assortments and inventory
Significant reduction of human errors

Faster payment of invoices

Transparent process by providing logs and timestamps

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