Developer PSD2: getting started

Quick Start

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! To be able to generate and use eIDAS certificates, Unifiedpost Payments sandbox operates a Certificate Authority with a self signed root certificate. In the sandbox we provide these certificates and no others are acceptable.


  • Choose: ♦ Quick Start Unifiedpost Payments PSD2 API scripts and eIDAS sandbox certifcates
  • Open the /external/sandbox/getting-started endpoint and choose "Try it out"
  • Fill in details that you would like for your generated QWAC and QSealC certificates.
  • Modify the nationalIdentificationNumber and press the  Execute button, 
  • Click the download link for the zip file and extract the scripts/certificates  to a directory.
  • From a linux command prompt execute one of:
    • ./ (you need to do this first)
    • ./
    • ./
    • ./
    • ./ (requires or first) 
    • ./ (requires first) 
    • ./ (requires first) 
    • ./ (requires first)


  • Scripts are provided as-is to demonstrate the actions needed to interact with Unifiedpost Payments, they do not work on MacOS (curl keychain  issue and very old bash version) . The scripts have been tested on Ubuntu WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and Linux Ubuntu 18.04.  They require bash >= 4.4  and jq to be installed. On MacOS it is recommended to install Ubuntu as a Virtual Box or the Docker image provided below.
  • Some scripts take options, like date range, IBAN etc.  Passing the option -? or  --help will show these options.



For environments where it is difficult to execute these scripts a Dockerfile is provided. To use it change to the directory where the scripts are unzipped and build the docker file with (first execution will take some time): 

docker build -t upp/sandbox .

Once built a container may be executed with:
docker run -it --network=host upp/sandbox /bin/bash

Then  issue commands as normal (shell scripts are in /usr/local/bin):

! Docker has some limitations, for example the clipboard does not work (even though the output says "Copied to clipboard").


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