Digitalise your financial value chain

At Unifiedpost Group, we help you digitalise your financial value chain by delivering smart, integrated and accessible cloud-based solutions.
We change the way people work.

Unifiedpost Platform

Our secure, cloud-based platform empowers businesses by streamlining, integrating and automating mission critical business functions - from procuring, e-invoicing and payments processing, to working capital financing, e-identity solutions and more.

Our approach unlocks efficiency and added value by providing customers with real-time access to all their financial activity on one intuitive platform – a smart collaborative space where they can manage all transactions. Anytime and anywhere.


As businesses grow, the administrative burden usually grows with them. Managing high volumes of transactions can be a significant strain on resources– especially when it’s done the old fashioned way.

We have developed our documents & communications solution specifically for enterprises that manage high volumes of financial transactions.


Fully certified, and compliant with all required privacy and security regulations, our Identity services provide secure platforms for online identification and onboarding.


As one of Europe’s leading payment service providers, we can make the entire financial supply chain simpler, whether the customer is a multi-national corporate, or a SME serving a small local market.

Finance & Services

Our platform and marketplace, allow for additional services to be added easily to diverse ecosystems to offer, for example, financing, credit scoring or debt management solutions.

Unifiedpost Platform: Banqup

An example of how the Unifiedpost Platform has been put into the market for SMEs is Banqup: the digital link between accountants and entrepreneurs which cuts back administrative red tape and gives you more time.

Discover Banqup


Our solutions adapted to the needs of your sector.

Find out more about our sector-based solutions, for example agricultural, accounting, interim or construction.

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Why choose Unifiedpost Group?



Unifiedpost Group simplifies mission critical business processes, from invoicing and payments to financing solutions and value-added apps.

One Stop Shop

One cloud-based platform = one secure centralised space for all your financial data.       

Easy Integration

We design solutions that complement customers’ IT environments and integrate easily with their systems.

Fast Implementation

No need for hardware or onsite installations – you just need a username and password to access our cloud solutions.


We follow industry standards and are compliant with all privacy and security regulations.