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MyID becomes Banqup ID!

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What is MyID?

MyID is a service that aims to identify individuals online in a secure and trustworthy way and to provide them with a MyID account in a mobile app.

The mobile app allows you to identify yourself. You can use an existing strong digital identity or one of your identity documents (f.e. a passport) and a short video recording.

Once your identity has been validated, you get an account and this account will be linked to your mobile device. It will allow you to log in to Unifiedpost applications as well as to approve payments.


What is this MyID app used for?

To identify

allows individuals to identify themselves and create a strongly digital id

To authenticate

allows individuals to use their digital id to access Unifiedpost applications

To authorise payments

allows individuals that hold a Unifiedpost payment account to authorise payments

How to use MyID?

Step 1. 
You want to access a secured Unifiedpost application on your laptop, f.e. Banqup
You are requested to log in by identifying yourself with the MyID mobile app.
If you do not have a MyID account yet, you need to create one.

Step 2. 
You click on the 'create account' link. The link opens, shows a QR code and some instructions to download the MyID app.
When you have downloaded the app, you can scan the QR code to register.

Step 3.
You open the app and select your passport as the identity document you want to use. 
The app requests you to scan your passport by keeping your mobile close to the document.
At that moment the mobile phone reads the passport data.
Next, the mobile app asks you to take a selfie.
Once done, the selfie is compared to the photo on the passport. If they match your account is created.

Step 4.
You now have an account to login into the application. 
You scan the QR code for login and approve the authentication on your mobile.
After that, you can use the application on your laptop.

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What is MyID by Unifiedpost?

MyID by Unifiedpost is a service that allows Unifiedpost customers to create a verified account that allows them to identify and authenticate themselves to various applications and services offered by Unifiedpost.

Can I use the MyID app on any mobile device?

The app is currently available for smartphones that have a camera and the following operating systems:

  • iOS 14.0 or higher
  • Android 9 or higher

What do you do with my personal data?

To create a MyID account, we verify your personal information. This personal data is then only shared with other Unifiedpost services that have a clear purpose, for example, based on the laws on onboarding payment services. Any other Unifiedpost service that you identify with will only have access to your name and email/mobile number. When you decide to use a Unifiedpost service, you will always be asked to approve any data shared with that service.

 I did not receive the text message code during the installation procedure. What should I do?

First check to make sure you have entered the correct mobile phone number. Then, if you have still not received the code after 10 minutes, tap on 'Didn’t receive a code? Send again.' If that does not solve the issue please contact our service desk (via contact form below).
I have a new mobile device, how can I transfer my account?

There is no automated procedure for this yet. Please contact our service desk (via contact form below), they will help you transfer your account.
My mobile device got lost/stolen, how can I recover my account ?

There is no automated procedure for this yet. Please contact our service desk (via the contact form below), they will help you recover your account
I want to delete my account. How can I do this?

You open the app, select to go to the profile screen ("View profile") and choose settings (top right), then there is an option to delete the account.
I’m seeing this error message: ‘Your device does not meet our security requirements.’

If you're using an Android device, make sure that all developer options are switched off, including the USB error reporting. You can adjust this option in 'Developer options' in 'Settings'. Also, make sure that your device is not 'rooted'. If the operating system is an Android variant other than the one that was shipped with your device, then the MyID app may not be installable because of security reasons.

If you are using iOS, your device must not be 'jailbroken'.

If the problem persists, please contact our service desk (via the contact form below) with information about the manufacturer and model of your device and the version of your device's operating system.

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