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Collaboration fosters innovation, knowledge and growth, which is why successful, forward-looking businesses build it into their DNA.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are one of the strongest drivers of economic development, innovation and employment. Frequently identified as a critical barrier to growth for SMEs is access to financing.


Our platform and marketplace allow for additional services to be added easily to diverse ecosystems to offer, for example, financing, credit scoring or debt management solutions.


Finance Solutions

Do you ever run into liquidity problems due to strong growth, seasonal influences or simply because of the dynamics of the market you are in? Is it often difficult for you to fulfill this need in a fast and flexible way?

Unifiedpost will help you with flexible working capital financing. Without having to go to the bank every time and only when it's necessary.


We finance your outgoing invoices. You can select which invoices you want to be paid earlier. When the invoices meet our requirements, you will receive the money in advance.

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Marketplace - Banqup

Banqup is our cloud-based platform tailored for SMEs, built on documents, identity and payments, reduces the complexity of your business processes.

You can access our marketplace via Banqup and activate easily services like for example, financing, credit scoring or debt management solutions.


Manage your entire business in one single tool.
CRM, invoicing, stock and interventions tailor-made for entrepreneurs.

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Business File Sharing & Synchronization software that allows your professional customers to edit, share, synchronize and secure files from anywhere – online and offline!
100% partner channel focused.

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