Fitek fully integrated into Unifiedpost Group for better customer service


The wave of digitization Unifiedpost Group has been surfing took on enormous proportions in 2020. With the emergence of the coronavirus, digital transformation suddenly accelerated, and not everyone was able to keep up with the rapid changes. Is your company lagging behind? If so, don’t despair! Unifiedpost is here to support you on your journey to digitization.

Unifiedpost Group offers comprehensive solutions for businesses that need a digital platform to optimally manage their documents and payments. To create even more value for our customers, we have continually expanded our range of integrated solutions. A key element of this strategy is targeted acquisitions, such as that of the Fitek Group in 2019.

Adding value to the entire finance chain

By joining forces with Fitek — the market leader in invoice solutions in the Baltic states, Central and Eastern Europe — we have created a major European fintech player. More importantly, we have also broadened our product portfolio to better serve our customers’ e-invoicing and payment service needs.

Fitek’s innovative technology adds value to the entire finance chain, allowing our customers to benefit from important synergies throughout the Unifiedpost Group. The successful integration of Fitek culminated in its rebranding as part of the Unifiedpost Group in January 2021.

One brand to serve them all

The benefits of this rebranding are clear. Operating under the Unifiedpost name will allow Fitek to build its presence and brand recognition on a global level. And most importantly, it will create greater clarity for you, our customer. By bringing all our financial automation services together under a single umbrella, we can also serve you better

Platform for SMEs

Last but not least with the rebranding Fitek will also allow to bring its services to a much wider market and offer new services from the Unifiedpost Group in its home markets of the Baltics and Central and Eastern Europe. One of these new offerings will be the launch of the one-stop-shop platform for SME’s in the near future. With this platform, SME’s will be able to combine documents with payments in a digital way of working.