FitekIn rebrands to Fitekin by Unifiedpost


In January 2021, we successfully integrated the Fitek Group as part of the Unifiedpost Group. The benefits of this rebranding were clear: building presence and brand recognition on a global level, and creating more clarity for you, our customer, by bringing all our financial automation services together under a single umbrella.

We continue our strategy to operate under one unified brand by announcing that FitekIn, our purchase invoice handling solution, is fully and successfully integrated within Unifiedpost’s product suite for Corporate clients. ‘FitekIn’ has officially become ‘Fitekin by Unifiedpost’.

Purchase invoice handling solution

Fitekin is an online purchase invoice management system for approval workflow. It facilitates the management of e-invoices, PDFs and paper invoices. Fitekin offers the flexibility to work remotely since invoices can be processed anywhere as long as you have a device with internet access. The verification, coordination, approval and posting of invoices can be either partially or fully automated. The Fitekin solution makes the whole purchase invoice handling process fast, accurate and transparent. Data is maintained securely in an online archive where they are easy to find.

The Fitekin solution is for midcap companies and Corporates with multiple different automation possibilities and integrations with ERP systems. Companies that benefit the most from Fitekin have more than 300 purchase invoices a month, more than six approvers in the approval flow or approvers in multiple business locations.

Fitekin helps to control costs, brings efficiency and transparency to government institutions, companies in the healthcare industry, also accounting firms and many others. More than 1600 companies are using Fitekin to automate their workflow. 

More information

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