Unifiedpost Estonia together with Telia makes the e-receipt widely available

230,000 m-parking customers will be the first in Europe to use a unique mobile e-receipt.
Unifiedpost Estonia, in cooperation with Telia, makes the e-receipt widely available. This means that the usual paper receipt is replaced by the e-receipt that goes directly into the mobile phone or the company's accounts after the purchase. This is the first e-receipt used in a mobile phone in Europe.

Andrus Kaarelson, CEO of Unifiedpost Estonia, says that Estonia, as an e-state, is taking the next step in changing the technology landscape. We have created a solution for using an e-receipt, which could be the basis for both Estonia's and the European Union's e-receipt roaming solution. "The e-receipt that is working on the Unifiedpost e-invoice platform helps to reduce the amount of paper generated," adds Kaarelson.