Payment Hub

One payment platform for all your payments,
accessible anywhere and anytime.
Secure, international and flexible.



How it works

The Payment Hub is a payments platform which efficiently streamlines and professionalizes
corporate payment processes, where all your financial information is united.



Streamline your payments

Payment Hub helps
corporates streamline their
national and international 


Get an integrated overview

An integrated and centralized overview of all your corporate payments is available on one payments platform, accessible with a secured internet connection.

Authorize your payments flexible

Our solution offers a unique and flexible authorization module. Authorize your payments anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Main features

Log on to the multibaking portal with a secure internet connection, a secure app. Anywhere, anytime. Use a variety of modules on the platform.

File conversions
The platform converts payments as well as statements. You can send your own payment files and we convert them in the required bank format.

File management
Besides supporting the regular domestic payment types, the Payment Hub also supports many different forms of foreign payment types.

Workflow management
Coordination of the payment authorization process according to the authorization model of your organization.

User management
All user profiles and permissions set-up and managed in one place according to the authorization scheme of your company.

The platform is a SaaS solution and thus can be securely accessed with two-factor authentication using OTP or SMS.

Manual Payments
Users can manually create online payments messages, both SEPA and non-SEPA.

Cash pool reporting
Set up your own cash pool structures to get the reporting on your bank accounts as you need it.  

Audit Trail
Get a clear overview of all detailed payments processes, transactions and changes, including the chronological steps.

ERP and TMS integration
We take care of the technical connections with ERP and TMS to exchange payments and reporting.

Add your financial documents securely to the payments on your platform, ready at your disposal.
Different types of balances and transaction reporting are supported, both end of day and intraday.

One platform that manages all your payments, covering the highest payment volumes.

Address book beneficiaries 
Manage your beneficiaries. Add, edit or delete a beneficiary in your address book. 

All your payment files and transactions are stored in your account, ready for you if you need them. 

Data export 
Export all data to .csv files and PDF so you can also use them outside the platform.

Bank connections
Corporate to bank connectivity, a secured and automated channel to multiple banks.

Individual push notifications can be set-up for important events and workflows.



Highest payment volumes:
The Hub is capable of dealing with the highest payment volumes resulting in millions of international payment and statement files processed daily.


Your payment processes are automated and Straight Through Processing is increased, which reduces risks and fraud within your payment structures.


Flexibility and efficiency in payments:
The platform supports a wide range of file formats and automates payment processes, which reduces workload in an organization.


Reduced costs:
The platform reduces reliance on IT and is subscription based: pay as you go. All services are modular: scale up and down as you wish.


Easy access and more transparency:
The platform is a SaaS solution and this can be securely accessed via a internet anywhere, anytime. Moreover, all payment information is provided in one overview, optimizing transparency.


Centralized monitoring and control:
One platform that manages all your payments. Centralize the user access rights and create bank independent authorization management which increases transparency and optimizes efficiency within your financial processes.


SWIFT Certified: The SWIFT solution centralizes all your national as well as international payments. This way, the solution optimizes control and management. The easiest way to reach more than 10,000 financial institutions in more than 215 countries. In 2022 Payment Hub received the Cash Management Label from SWIFT.

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Payment Hub

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