Unibill, automated multichannel invoicing & document delivery


Automated multichannel invoicing &
document delivery

Who is Unibill for?

Intended for clients with a high volume of documents, such as banks, telecom and utility companies, with the aim to automate the delivery. Do you need to upgrade your business by automating repetitive monthly processes? Unibill is a software solution, a centralized universal communication channel, that saves time and money, that enables automation of the process of invoicing and delivery of documents via various digital channels. Forget the traditional way of sending paper invoices.

 B2B & B2C

Main functionalities

  • Automation of repeated monthly process 
  • Centralized and universal communication channel 
  • Surveys: create, send, statistics 
  • Smart communication, track & trace reporting, including comments and complaints 
  • Multichannel delivery with a unique interface (email, SMS, Viber, E-faktura)
  • Fully traceable delivery & actions from/to end customers
  • GDPR compliant
  • Archive - list & search
  • Cloud multitenant solution

Why use Unibill?


One platform, integrated with all data sources that combines multiple delivery channels.


Monitoring the status of deliveries and customer activities, including comments and complaints.


Smart communication and the possibility to send up to 100,000 messages in one hour to multi-digital channels.


Fully automated and in accordance with the law and GDPR.                                 

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