Unifiedpost Group is a large pan-European company based in Belgium that helps clients digitize and automate the process of sending and receiving invoices and other documents, delivering intuitive, smart software solutions, created based on best European and local business practices.

Our team of top experts is dedicated every day to the goal of providing our clients with a top user experience.

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Fitekin, purchase invoice management solution

Do you want to improve your inbound invoice management process?
Fitekin is a solution that can help you with that, from receiving invoices, through the approval process, to preparing postings and archiving.

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Unibill, automated multichannel invoicing & document delivery

Your business processes involve a large number of documents and you need a solution to automate sending? Unibill is the right choice for you!

Intended for clients such as banks, telecoms and utility companies.

Uniout, management of sales invoices

Do you have a large number of customers and the need to automate the invoicing process? Uniout is an adequate solution for you that covers the process of approval, delivery and archiving.

Unisender, management of marketing campaigns: create, send, report

Do you want to effectively communicate and manage your marketing campaigns through digital channels? Try Unisender.

CCM, automatic smart document generation

Intended for clients with high volume of documents, such as banks, telecom and utility companies, with aim to automatic document generation.

Arhiver, document storage solution

Do you need to store documents in a secure environment? An archiver is the right solution for you, contact us and take the first step towards a secure archive.

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Unifiedpost starts 2021 with three acquisitions

La Hulpe (Belgium), 22 January 2021 - True to its ambitious expansion program, Unifiedpost went public in September of last year, raising a staggering €175 million in fresh capital. We immediately started investing this capital by announcing three major acquisitions. Thanks to these acquisitions, we’re ready to help you make the digital leap.

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