Leading Belgian fintech company Unifiedpost appoints CEO for its “PAY-NXT” payments business


Unifiedpost, one of the leading fintech companies in the Benelux region, has appointed Mr. Arthur Paijens as CEO of its PAY-NXT payments business. Mr. Paijens, a banker-turned-entrepreneur, previously co-founded OneLinQ, a Dutch fintech company that delivers payment, collection and cash management solutions.The newly appointed CEO’s task is clear and succinct: “Accelerate and expand Unifiedpost Group’s offering of integrated payment solutions”.

Unifiedpost develops and manages transactional platforms to optimize document-driven processes that involve various stakeholders, providing solutions that combine technology, financial and business processes. The company is a unique one-stop-shop cloud provider for optimising the financial B2B value chain, from order to invoicing and payment, from employment contracts to pay slips. UnifiedPost recently announced a € 25 million financing round with prominent, international players. Part of these funds will be allocated to develop additional financial services offerings for corporate companies and SMEs, as well as to further international expansion.

Unifiedpost has consolidated all of its regulated payment solutions within its wholly owned subsidiary company, PAY-NXT. PAY-NXT is a certified payment institute that operates across Europe under the regulation and supervision of the Belgian National Bank.

The advent of the revised EU Payment Services Directive (commonly known as PSD2) and new European Payment Council initiatives unlock the market for novel “banking services”, most notably in the payments space. Unifiedpost – through its PAY-NXT subsidiary – aspires to play a pivotal role in the disruption that such regulatory changes bring about. The company sees plenty of opportunities for innovative payment, including trade finance solutions, tailored to the needs of different B2B2C communities. With the goal of being more than just another payment service provider, Mr. Paijens has been appointed as CEO of PAY-NXT to ensure a strong management team and solid execution of services. He assumes his position on 1 July, 2018.

“I am delighted to join Unifiedpost during such an extraordinary growth period of the fintech industry, in general, and the company in particular. Unifiedpost has become one of the most exciting companies in this industry and this is a fantastic opportunity to help a business grow and reach its full potential. I look forward to being part of this energetic and driven leadership team who are set to make the coming years Unifiedpost most exciting ones yet”, says Arthur Paijens, CEO PAY-NXT.

Mr. Paijens has acumen in the payments space, with previous international executive roles at various companies. He has worked in the US, Belgium, Italy, France and the Netherlands in Global Transaction Banking, payment & card processing and fintech ventures, most recently as CEO and co-founder of OneLinQ.

Hans Leybaert, Founder and CEO of Unifiedpost adds: “Arthur is a highly accomplished international leader and brings a wealth of skills and experience that will take us to the next stage of our strategic development in becoming one of the leading Fintech companies in Europe”.

PAY-NXT already offers its payment services to companies and organizations such as Aon, Ethias, SABAM.

About Unifiedpost

Unifiedpost provides a complete technology portfolio for identity management, document processing, robotic accounting and apps with added value. As such, Unifiedpost is a unique one-stop-shop cloud provider for optimizing the financial B2B value chain, from order to invoicing and payment, from employment contract to pay slip.

Interesting facts and figures concerning the Unifiedpost Group:

- Established in 2001, with a proven track record
- €26 million in consolidated turnover, predominantly recurrent
- 230 FTEs in Benelux and Eastern Europe, of whom 70 work in R&D
- 200 million documents processed per year
- Extensive portfolio with customer references in various sectors, from large internationals to various SME communities
- Payment institution recognized by the National Bank of Belgium
- International M&A track record (e.g. ZET Solutions, PowertoPay, Nomadesk, Onea, etc.)