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As of March 2021, Unifiedpost Group entered the Albanian market through the acquisition of the Italian electronic invoicing platform Digithera (Digithera srl), having one of its branches in Tirana.

Albania has introduced mandatory electronic invoicing in the year 2020. We decided to turn the Albanian Branch into a fully operational company, to market our solutions for Documents and Payments, and specifically Banqup.

Digithera has been providing electronic invoicing and digital process management services to self-employed, SMEs and large companies since 2014, with particular attention to the customers of the Italian electronic invoicing market. Offering a wide range of e-invoicing solutions with plug&play integration services of all sorts, customers can send and receive invoices and other documents in formats that best suit their needs, reducing organizational impact, and simplifying the internal processes.

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Unifiedpost Group enters Italian and Spanish market

Unifiedpost Group (Euronext: UPG), a leading European fintech company, announces today two acquisitions and adds more than 85,000 SME’s to its one-stop-shop platform. By this entrance in the Spanish and Italian market, Unifiedpost Group accelerates its pan-European roll out.

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