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At Unifiedpost Group, we develop cloud-based services that streamline our customers’ administrative and financial processes by delivering simple and smart digital solutions.

Since its foundation in 2001 in Belgium by CEO Hans Leybaert, our company has expanded to 26 countries. Since 2020, we are listed on Euronext Brussels.

We entered the Slovak market in 2019 through the acquisition of Fitek Group with its many years’ experience of financial automation and electronic invoicing.

Here you can read more about Unifiedpost Group history and acquisitions over the years.

Unifiedpost Group wants to become the leading cloud-based platform for SME business services built on “Documents”, “Identity” and “Payments” and help customers structure complex financial administrative processes by delivering simple, smart, digital solutions. 

Our offering in Slovakia



The Administrative Billing Solution For Entrepreneurs

Simplifying the administrative burden for SMEs, the self-employed and freelancers.… is our core belief.

We offer you the opportunity to manage all of your administration and invoicing in a smooth, simple and secure way. Our all-in-one platform for administration & billing provides an overview of all your incoming and outgoing invoices, on demand from anywhere.. Allowing you to spend less time on administration and invoicing, and make quick adjustments where necessary.

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Manage all your invoices quickly and simply using the Fitekin solution with a user-friendly mobile app. This state-of-the-art online approval workflow system facilitates the management supplier invoices, receipts, and other documents, both electronic and on paper. 

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News & Events

Fitek Group is rebranding to Unifiedpost Group  

La Hulpe (Belgium), 5 January 2021

Fitek - the leader in financial automation processes, known for developing and operating e-invoice sending and receiving solutions, is rebranding  to Unifiedpost Group as of January 2021. 

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Unifiedpost Group SA, Fitek’s parent company, is now listed on the regulated market of Euronext Brussels.

Fitek to add Unifiedpost Group’s name to logo and communications

September 23, 2020

Fitek will start incorporating the phrase "Part of Unifiedpost Group” in its logo and communications starting today, in recognition of the parent company’s listing on the regulated market of Euronext Brussels (the “Listing”).

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Unifiedpost Group and Google Cloud collaborate in document digitization

La Hulpe - 21 Oct 2020

Unifiedpost Group (Euronext: UPG), a prominent European Fintech, announces a collaboration with Google Cloud to advance its document digitization capabilities, leveraging Google Cloud’s Procurement DocAI.

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You're in good company

“As our company extensively grows, the digital tool Fitekin enables us to let go any concerns regarding the capacities of our Back Office team. Scalability and reliability of this solution was and still is the biggest benefit of our collaboration. The functionalities are very intuitive and simple to use. As Fitekin imitates standard company processes, possible adaptation risks are significantly lowered.”

Daniel Boďa - COO, Hyperia s.r.o.

"We have been using Fitekin for a long time. Thanks to this system, we have been able to improve the processing of our own (and our clients') invoices. This way, our communication with clients is more efficient as is the process of receiving, accepting & archiving of individual documents. Thanks to Fitek, our entire circulation of invoices is fully automated & without any issues."

Grant Thornton


We have managed to automate and streamline invoice processing with Fitekin, resulting in a significant improvement of efficiency. On top of that, we have improved the transparency and speed of the approval process, which helped us identify inaccurate invoices faster and promptly react. Overall implementation was quick and relatively smooth, which a key factor contributing to the success of the project.

Jurak Tobak - CFO, GymBeam


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