7 Reasons Why You Should Do e-Invoicing Too


1. Shorter payment periods: Since with e-invoicing invoices are being processed faster, they can be paid sooner. E-invoices are directly sent to the financial system, which make the chance that they end up in the wrong hands almost impossible.

2. Lower costs, fewer actions: Saving money on things as paper, ink and post stamps. Sending a paper invoice is 57% more expensive than e-invoicing and receiving a paper invoice is even more than 60% more expensive than receiving an e-invoice (Billentis).

3. E-invoice is delivered directly with confirmation of reception: Since you can track whether the invoice is delivered or not, it’s easier to have a clear insight of the status of your invoices sent. Now that you know for sure that the receiver actually received their invoice, you can confidentially do a follow up (if not automated).

4. Contributing to durability: Of course less paper is good for the environment. An e-invoice solution will remove at least 80% of paper from most accounting departments. Replacing unnecessary waste of paper by electronic invoicing, will save a lot of paper which means more trees.