Unifiedpost and Facturis at apps for finance 26th of September


To summarize: with our one-stop-shop solution it is possible to completely streamline your business processes with customized or expandable solutions. That is what makes Unifiedpost unique as a FinTech company. Over the years we are servicing several Corporate Clients and Communities successfully. Just to highlight a few: Facturis, InterimSign, Assuralia and Thomson Reuters.


Unifiedpost’s client case is Facturis, partner of Unifiedpost that offers an online platform which helps Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises to optimize their financial situation.

The basic proposition of Facturis allows companies to outsource the process of handling paper and digital invoicing in combination with Payment Services. The companies remain in charge of the process, but operational activities are fully supported by Facturis and integrate with other relevant processes (e.g. accounting). In addition, Facturis offers Business Improving Services such as:

Real-time insight into the invoiced, paid and outstanding invoices.
Integrated debtor-and credit management.
Credit Insurance.
These services play a key role in streamlining processes and help companies to reduce risks and the need for working capital, further reduce costs and get better insights in their financial situation. Together with Rabobank, Facturis offers access to a flexible working capital facility for the SME-market, Invoice Credit.