UnifiedPost attending “E-invoicing in practice” seminar

//UnifiedPost attending “E-invoicing in practice” seminar

UnifiedPost attending “E-invoicing in practice” seminar

UnifiedPost is going to be part of an e-invoicing seminar hosted by Research bureau GBNED, on the 7th of December. This seminar will take place in the county Utrecht in the Nederlands, from 1PM until about 7PM.

This day is totally focused on solutions for electronic e-invoicing and the processing of electronical invoices (whether or not part of Purchase to Pay), on ISO-Standard UBL basis. The target audience of this seminar will be IT and financial professionals who want to prepare for electronic e-invoicing.

The program consists of sessions about:

  • Landscape of electronical e-invoicing and UBL;
  • Mandatory electronic e-invoicing to the government per 1-1-2017
  • Upcoming of the European core-invoice 2017;
  • Electronical invoicing (on the basis of UBL) in practice;
  • Electronical processing of invoices (on the basis of UBL) in practice;
  • Purchase to Pay and the electronical processing of invoices.

Click this link for more information and to sign up for the seminar (Dutch).

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