Corporate Payment Hub Improvements

//Corporate Payment Hub Improvements

Corporate Payment Hub Improvements

One of our products, the corporate payment hub, is updated! The payment hub was outdated in look and feel. This is the biggest part of the change. Technically, we are using JAVA8 now to improve the user interface and thus the user-friendliness.

Together with several technical and functional improvements the latest release contains a totally new Look-‘n-Feel. We implemented JAVA8 to improve the payment hub technically and by this way to make the user interface more user-friendly. Not only is the user-interface more colorful a more important change is in the way you navigate through the various menu option. Where the current Corporate Payment Hub has a traditional top-row menu structure the new release will introduce has a more modern navigation column with icons as one finds in mobile apps, making it easier to use the Corporate Payment Hub on a mobile device.


Corporate payment hub

Other than an upgrade in technology and the different Look-‘n-Feel nothing has changed. All features, menu option and pages are still available to the users and have remained unchanged.

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