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Unifiedpost Group was founded in Belgium in 2001 and since September 2020, we are listed on Euronext Brussels. 

Unifiedpost, UAB has offered its services to Lithuanian customers for more than 20 years. Under brand names Itella, Opus Capita and Fitek, we became the leading provider of invoicing services to both public sector and businesses. 

Here you can read more about our history and acquisitions over the years.

Unifiedpost Group wants to become the leading cloud-based platform for SME business services built on “Documents”, “Identity” and “Payments” and help customers structure complex financial administrative processes by delivering simple, smart, digital solutions. 

Our offering in Lithuania



 The Administrative Billing Solution For Entrepreneurs

Simplifying the administrative burden for SMEs, the self-employed and freelancers.… is our core belief.

We offer you the opportunity to manage all of your administration and invoicing in a smooth, simple and secure way. Our all-in-one platform for administration & billing provides an overview of all your incoming and outgoing invoices, on demand from anywhere.. Allowing you to spend less time on administration and invoicing, and make quick adjustments where necessary.

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Purchase invoice solution

Fitekin is an online purchase invoice management system for approval workflow. It facilitates the management of e-invoices, PDFs and paper invoices.

Fitekin offers the flexibility to work remotely since invoices can be processed anywhere as long as you have a device with internet access. The verification, coordination, approval and posting of invoices can be either partially or fully automated. The invoices approved in the invoice management system are added to the customer’s accounting system or accounting software (ERP), together with all the invoicing and cost distribution information.

The Fitekin solution makes the whole purchase invoice handling process fast, accurate and transparent. Data is maintained securely in an online archive where they are easy to find.


Invoices and other documents solution

Allows companies to automate the entire process of sending invoices conveniently and quickly.

The sales invoicing solution works closely with the company’s invoicing system and ensures the speedy arrival of the invoice at the customer. The company forwards the underlying data of the invoice to us either from the accounting system or business software. We do everything else – data conversion, generating sales invoices, invoice display, sorting between various invoice channels and sending invoices to the customer.

Paper invoices are printed, enveloped, and mailed; pdf invoices are sent by e-mail and e-invoices are transmitted according to the format desired by the receiver, either to the bank, via PEPPOL network or to the business software of the recipient. 

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You can receive into a single virtual box e. invoices and other e. documents of various service providers. Service providers can reliably and safely send e. invoices without any investments into self-service system, no costs for paper invoice delivery or doubts while sending via e-mail whether the client has received an invoice or not.

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Payment solution

Payment initiation at the request of the payment service user, the payment order shall be initiated from a payment account opened with another payment service provider. In other words, the payer gives the licensed intermediary short-term limited access to his payment account through online banking so that the intermediary can form a payment order on behalf of the payer.

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Electronic Data Interchange is a solution that enables organizations to exchange important commercial documents without human intervention. Electronic data exchange solutions are relevant not only for businesses that handle many orders, managing stocks of goods and inventories: such as wholesale, retail, logistics and transport, manufacturing companies, hotels. The EDI solution can be tailor made for small and medium-sized businesses.

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News & Events

Fitek Group is rebranding to Unifiedpost Group  

La Hulpe (Belgium), 5 January 2021 — Fitek - the leader in financial automation processes, known for developing and operating e-invoice sending and receiving solutions, is rebranding  to Unifiedpost Group as of January 2021. 

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Unifiedpost Group SA, Fitek’s parent company, is now listed on the regulated market of Euronext Brussels

La Hulpe, 22 September 2020 - Fitek will start incorporating the phrase "Part of Unifiedpost Group” in its logo and communications starting today, in recognition of the parent company’s listing on the regulated market of Euronext Brussels (the “Listing")

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Unifiedpost Group expands to the Baltics, Central and Eastern Europe with the acquisition of Fitek Group

La Hulpe (Belgium), Tallinn, 2 April 2019 — Unifiedpost Group, one of Europe’s leading FinTech firms, acquires Fitek Group, the Baltics, Central and Eastern European market leader in financial automation processes. The acquisition of Fitek Group, with HQ in the Baltics, offers Unifiedpost Group an opportunity to expand its activities to 8 countries in Europe where it was not yet active. With this acquisition, Unifiedpost Group reconfirms its growth strategy through acquisitions and becomes a leading player on the European e-invoicing market.

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You're in good company

"We have been cooperating with Unifiedpost (before Fitek LT), for more than 10 years - it is a long-term partner that has earned our trust. The solutions offered by Unifiedpost (before Fitek LT) have contributed to the automation of some of our company's processes, which has not only improved work with customers, but also facilitated employees' daily management of company documents from preparation to delivery to customers electronically and physically, purchase invoices and digitizing paper documents and data transfer to our company's internal systems. "

Rajmund Andruškevič, "Aviva Lietuva“, Director of Business Operations, Member of the Board

"We have been cooperating with the EDI service provider Unifiedpost (before Fitek LT) since 2013. Today, we see the value of this collaboration for our business: from data accuracy and supply level control to greater internal process efficiency and cost reduction. Working with Unifiedpost is a quality collaboration where the service provider becomes a partner with whom we pursue a common goal."

Gerardas Butkevičius, EDI project manager, MAXIMA LT, UAB

“We have been using Unifiedpost (before Fitek LT) letter printing, envelope sending and prepress for many years. We are very happy to entrust this feature to a reliable partner!“

Inga Kunčinaitė Kazlauskienė, Document Management Department Manager, Real Estate and Administration Services Department, "Swedbank", AB

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