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UnifiedPost offers a range of images that suit our business. If you’re using a press release from UnifiedPost or if you just need an image, please click on of the product lines on the right. Every product line contains its own images. Please consider the nature of the press release before adding images to it. General images of UP can be found in any folder of the product lines. Choose Documents, Payments, Identity or Community.

Please right-click the image and save it to use it. Only use the images as additional images for news items about UnifiedPost. UnifiedPost holds the rights to the images and therefore they cannot be used in third-party purposes.

Short Impression Video


This video can be used for a short UnifiedPost impression. This video is also used as the background video of the UnifiedPost website.

A fun fact is that the invoices you see on the wall in the first couple of seconds, are actually real invoices.

UnifiedPost Services

UnifiedPost offers a wide range of products. To make it all clear in one overview, we created this video. In this video we give an example of a farmer that is using UnifiedPost to upgrade his business processes by changing to e-invoicing. We want to emphasize how much time you can save by managing your invoices digitally. Everyone who manage their invoices online, don’t ever want to go back again.

Please note that the farmer is only an example, and that e-invoicing applies to any business in any sector.

Meet the UP Romanian Team

What is it, that makes you get up in the morning? This video will give you an impression on the UnifiedPost Romania Team, where the largest part of our Research and Development team is located.

The office is based in Timisoara, one of Romania’s prosperous and fastest growing cities.

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