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As of January 2021, Unifiedpost Group gained a solid foothold throughout Scandinavia through the acquisition of 21grams.

Here you can read more about Unifiedpost Group history and acquisitions over the years.

Since 2004, 21grams has been a leading provider in the Nordic countries of mission-critical outbound mailing solutions and optimized postage and parcel services. The company has extensive multi-channel digital and paper invoice delivery capabilities and provides integration with a wide variety of ERP solutions to the whole Nordic region. Over 90 million documents are processed over the 21grams platform on an annual basis.

21grams employs 75 people in Scandinavia.

Our offering in Denmark


Banqup, the Administrative Billing Solution For Entrepreneurs.

Simplifying the administrative burden for SMEs, the self-employed and freelancers.… is our core belief.

We offer you the opportunity to manage all of your administration and invoicing in a smooth, simple and secure way. Our all-in-one platform for administration & billing provides an overview of all your incoming and outgoing invoices, on demand from anywhere.. Allowing you to spend less time on administration and invoicing, and make quick adjustments where necessary.

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When we handle your business’s post we make sure to optimize everything from your office post to large shipments, accessing all Nordic postal operators. Quite simply – We get you simpler and cheaper postage.

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Let your customers be in charge of how they want to receive their post – to their digital mailbox, by e-invoice, on paper or directly to their phone. We make sure it gets delivered to the lowest cost regardless channel.

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We can cut your postage costs significantly through our partnerships with the leading International mail-providers, high mail volumes, presort processes and know-how.

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Unifiedpost starts 2021 with three acquisitions

La Hulpe (Belgium), 22 January 2021 - True to its ambitious expansion program, Unifiedpost went public in September of last year, raising a staggering €175 million in fresh capital. We immediately started investing this capital by announcing three major acquisitions. Thanks to these acquisitions, we’re ready to help you make the digital leap.

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