Who is Unifiedpost Group

At Unifiedpost Group, our mission is to make business easy and smart by helping organisations build strong digital connections with their customers and suppliers.
Our cloud-based open network of consumers and organisations - small or large, local or global - promotes collaboration, digital interactions, document exchanges, payments and cash flow optimisation. It also enables us and our partners to create additional data-driven services to help organisations grow.
In our trusted network we equip every verified participant with the right tools to digitise and automate business processes including order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes. Those tools range from smart mobile and web applications over software integrations all the way to fully documented APIs.
5.000.000+ Digital users reach
1.000.000+SME reach
2.500+ Corporate & Government clients 


500.000.000+ Documents
1.400+ Colleagues
With a pedigree for technological innovation and a track record spanning over 20 years, our journey tells a story of ambition, commitment and collaboration.
But our journey doesn’t end here! It’s only just begun.

Our history

Expansion to thirty countries

2021 has been a construction year so far. We acquired six companies: 21grams, BanqUP, Akti, Digithera, Sistema eFactura and crossinx. We started the integration of these acquisitions.

We continue to roll out Banqup, our premium one-stop-shop platform for SMEs, across Europe. With the rollout of Banqup in all these markets, we are well-positioned to benefit from regulatory tailwinds as governments across Europe seek to close VAT gaps. 

We are listed on Euronext Brussels

We want to become the leading cloud-based platform for SME business services built on “Documents”, “Identity” and “Payments”.

Since 22 September we are listed on the regulated market of Euronext Brussels. Going public is an important milestone for Unifiedpost Group’s future growth journey as an independent Fintech company. 
We launched Jefacture, our digital accounting platform in France.

We are Unifiedpost Group

We are Unifiedpost Group – a pan-European Fintech company that helps customers structure complex financial administrative processes by delivering simple, smart, digital solutions. 

The acquisition of Fitek and Prime Document has secured our footprint in eight new markets.

Consolidating our position

This year was all about consolidating our complete offering. We brought further strength to our financial accounting integration solutions with the addition of ADM Solutions. In the same year, Inventive Designers brought more capabilities in the form of high-volume, omni-channel customer communications technology and other related consultative services.

The future is integrated

A central tenet of digital transformation is the ability to share, store and access data remotely and collaboratively. Our acquisition of Nomadesk brought this capability to our customers.

However, there was still one piece missing from the puzzle: automation. With the acquisition of Onea, which delivers automated accounting services with ERP-integrated accounting solutions, our mission to serve the entire document processing and financial value chain was near complete. 

A new platform for payments

Today, our platform functions as a central hub where customers can access all their financial data - anytime and anywhere. In 2016 we launched PAY-NXT, officially establishing Unifiedpost Group as a payment institution. This is why our customers can manage invoicing as well as payments using our platform.

Welcoming new capabilities

Managing documents and approvals is a complex collaborative process that occurs within businesses and between entities. It is a critical element of the financial value chain and it’s central to Unifiedpost Group’s offering today.

This was made possible when we welcomed eID (2014) and Zet Solutions (2015) to the Group, which combined brought identity recognition services, document signing tools and community platform solutions to the business.

Our first acquisitions

Eager to catch the digitalisation wave, we knew we needed to combine organic growth with new capabilities. Our first acquisitions, PowertoPay (2012), a corporate payment hub, and Finodis (2013), a financial services provider, set us on the path to becoming an integrated cloud solution capable of serving our customers’ entire document processing and financial value chain.

Our early expansion through Europe

Building on our success in Belgium, we quickly moved into Luxembourg (2004) and the Netherlands (2008) as we set our sights on European expansion. This culminated with the launch of our flagship Development Centre in Timisoara, Romania in 2009.

Our foundation

“UnifiedPost” was founded in Belgium by our CEO, Hans Leybaert, with a central focus on document processing technology.

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