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UnifiedPost’s community offering is a platform that allow organizations that are part of a specific ecosystem to exchange information digitally. We also develop apps linked to those platforms allowing a better convenience and user experience.


UnifiedPost’s community offering is a platform and an app store that allow organizations and companies that are part of a specific ecosystem to exchange information digitally.  UnifiedPost’s Community Enablement Platform can be implemented and adopted by existing communities, consisting of various organizations but also of different groups or departments within one specific organization. The solution was designed with the needs and requirements of small and medium sized businesses in mind.

Well-known communities that are working with UnifiedPost’s community platform include BilltoBox (the ecosystem in which accountants exchange invoices and payment information with clients) and Facturis. The solution can be used for both accounts receivable and accounts payable and is entirely cloud based. Linked to those platforms, we also develop apps to provide a better convenience and great user experience.

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