Digitally. Registered.

The qualified solution to send registered letters digitally.

Send registered letters digitally!

No need to go to the post office anymore. Send registered letters any day of the week. Forget content disputes.
These are just 3 advantages when sending the letters digitally instead of via the postal services. Read on to find out how Unifiedpost can help you do this fast and safe.

To send letters Digitally. Registered. you must first onboard by going through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Hereby, you gain the necessary credibility as a serious sender.

How does it work after onboarding?

1. You upload your document to our platform. We add an official stamp and send it to the recipient.
2. The recipient is notified via email or SMS.
3. Identification of the recipient is done via an identity verification tool.
4. The recipient can view the document.

A complete Track and Trace of this process is available.

“ After trying to figure out what it cost by the postal service,
finding a simple pricing method 
was such a relief. ”

What does it cost?

We value simplicity. No complicated calculation tables and look-ups with us. A nice change from the postal services price tables. We work with scales based on your annual consumption. We only take the total number of accepted registered letters into account.

When your digitally registered letter is not accepted, you can send a regular letter with a QR-code to the digitally registered letter or a traditional registered letter.

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What happens when the recipient didn’t accept your document?

It is important to know that Unifiedpost’s Digitally. Registered. is a qualified solution. Digitally. Registered is the best legal equivalent to the traditional registered letter and fully complies with the eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services) regulations.

Therefore the burden of proof falls on the recipient. You are not responsible for proving that you sent the document to the recipient. It is up to the recipient to prove that he did not receive the document.

It is also good to know that you always have the option to cascade the delivery via print and post, if your recipient didn’t accept your registered mail

What does the Track and Trace do?

When you send a letter, you have access to the Track and Trace portal. You monitor the status of your registered mail. The monitoring consists of 2 parts:

• Request the status via an API: You track all the activities that may be important for the customers’ process. For example the status of the shipment (accepted, open, cancelled or expired). But also the confirmation of the shipment within our services. Or when an email has been sent or whether it has been bounced.

• Follow the status via a web portal: You can only follow the status for the delivery of the emails that are sent: notification email, any reminders and confirmation email. 

How do I start with Digitally. Registered by Unifiedpost?

Let us know via the form below that you are interested in our solution so we can contact you. We are happy to show you how much you can save by sending your registered letters digitally. Then onboarding starts with a KYC (Know your customer) process. We verify your identity and then you are ready to go!







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