Documents & Communications

As businesses grow, the administrative burden usually grows with them. Managing high volumes of transactions can be a significant strain on resources – especially when it’s done the old fashioned way.

We have developed our documents & communications solution specifically for enterprises that manage high volumes of financial transactions – for example, telecoms firms, utility providers and insurers.

Built to industry standards on a secure digital platform, it takes care of the entire invoicing process, end-to-end, whether the payee is a consumer or another business. What’s more, it’s built with system compatibility in mind, ensuring it can prepare and deliver invoices using a variety of digital and physical channels.

Our solution is also smart. Communication is critical when it comes to ensuring invoices are prepared, sent and paid correctly and on time. By digitalising this process using Unifiedpost Group’s documents & communications tools, customers can automate reminders and notifications using everything from email to mobile messaging apps.


Design, compose and deliver Marketing & Service outbound communications with one solution

Create actionable communications in the blink of an eye

One unique platform for all your temporary assignments

Focus on the core business and let Fitek handle the invoices