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UnifiedPost helps you cope with the challenges in the field of online identification and onboarding processes.


UnifiedPost delivers Trusted Identity and Access Management (IAM) services that helps you cope with the challenges in the field of online identification and onboarding processes and which are compliant with privacy and security regulations. Our Multi Identity Broker solution supports the most common Online Identities which can be upgraded through extra onboarding identity controls. We support access with eHerkenning, DigiD, iDIN, itsme, Belgium eID, social media logins, white label logins, etc. For the Belgian national eID card we even provide middleware solutions to connect your users. With our Multi Identity Broker approach, your company is able to offer – in a very user friendly way – (highly secured) online services, because your clients can use the online identity they are used to.

As a Value added service, we can integrate with other UnifiedPost products like online signing services and /or document and payment services (white label if needed) behind the Multi Identity Broker, next to the services you already offer.

On the side of the users we are a certified identity provider of eHerkenning-accounts of all the security levels. We have our own Label Z login; besides, several other labels use our technology and support services. UnifiedPost is market leader in the Netherlands.

We are ISO27001 and ISEA3402 certified.

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