Payment services

As one of Europe’s leading payment service providers, we can make the entire financial supply chain simpler, whether the customer is a multi-national corporate, or a SME serving a small local market.

PowerToPay, our corporate payment hub, has been developed for large scale enterprises managing large volumes of transactions across a large portfolio of bank accounts spanning different markets.

This powerful tool gives customers an aggregated view of all of their accounts via one centralized cloud based platform. This not only gives customers enhanced control over their financial processes, it saves time and offers built in protection from fraud thanks to our integrated e-signature and identity solutions.

What’s more, through Unifiedpost Payments, we have secured a license to act as a payment institution from the Belgian National Bank, allowing us to create accounts and manage payments on our customers’ behalf and completing the order-to-cash value chain.

For smaller businesses operating within Europe only, we can now offer a similar solution with the launch of PSD2.

As a licensed payment institution, customers can be confident that Unifiedpost Group is a credible, secure and trusted partner.


Unifiedpost Payments

Unifiedpost Payments deals with all schemes and mechanisms that make up the payments ecosystem as we know it today

A payment wallet that makes it easy to process payment requests

One payments platform for all your payments. Drive growth from centralizing payment workflows

Robert Schneider

Head of Corporate Sales EMEA

“The integration of the PowertoPay Payment Hub with our cloud connectivity solution will increase the value for corporate clients in the Benelux region by combining our global bank reach with the convenience of a SWIFT certified cloud application”