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Collaboration fosters innovation, knowledge and growth, which is why successful, forward-looking businesses build it into their DNA.

Collaborators exchange information and services inside businesses and across industries through distinct ecosystems. However, we know these ecosystems can be fragmented and complex, especially when people use incompatible platforms and tools.

Unifiedpost Group’s fully digitalised solution makes collaboration easy, whether it’s with someone in the same room or on another continent.

Using our community enablement platform and app store, users can build diverse ecosystems and exchange information, ideas and documents electronically. And, it’s so accessible, it doesn’t matter if users work for different organisations or use different systems.

It is also entirely cloud based, making it the ideal solution for accessing remotely or over mobile when collaborators are on the move.

An example in action includes BilltoBox, an ecosystem built for accountants and businesses to exchange invoices and payment information.

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