Procure to pay

The digital age has unleashed the power of data, which, when harnessed the right way, can reveal transformational insights into business operations, productivity and performance.

At Unifiedpost Group, our ambition is to help our customers unlock the immense wealth of data they have at their fingertips and use insights to develop effective processes, make good decisions and build success.

We have developed our very own Robotic Process Automation (RBA) technology to create a unique cloud-based pre-accounting solution that provides real-time insights from financial data.

It works by automatically synchronizing and linking all financial data held within a business such as open invoices, and providing real-time insights into a company’s entire procure-to-pay cycle. Cloud-based, it can be accessed at any time and from any location via our intuitive app-based platform.

This powerful tool ultimately improves business performance and efficiency by automating incoming invoices into a clear and trackable accounting workflow that adheres to the customers’ own approval processes and requirements.



From receiving an order form, to the approval of the document, until the actual payment

Enables fully digital financial processes so you can focus on your core business