Unifiedpost Documents

Easily setup smart financial and administrative document processes

Unifiedpost Documents is a suite of solutions to easily setup smart financial and administrative document processes.

The most critical solution of the suite is the Document Engine that provides a single-entry point into the Unifiedpost platform to turn input into actionable and insightful communications. It accepts data or documents, composes new documents when required and delivers those via a wide range of channels regardless of the type of receiver, being a consumer, a business or a government. When required, documents can be stored in the online archive.

Next to the Document Engine, the suite also provides solutions to present documents (f.e. adminbox) and to act up documents (f.e. payments, signatures, digitally registered mail or forms).

Unifiedpost Documents fully integrates with the identity, payments and finance solutions of the Unifiedpost Group.


The Documents Engine accepts data and documents via standardized XML or JSON messages that can be securely supplied via SFTP or via HTTPS REST calls. By providing a standardized connection all complexity and maintenance of using delivery channels are hidden by the engine. 


The Composition Service turns your data into beautiful and highly personalized PDF documents, emails or actionable HTML communications.

Templates can be developed as part of our service or can be maintained by you via the Design Studio, our online design environment. It empowers business users to easily manage templates and related resources like data models, images, themes, pluggable objects and content blocks, without the need for IT.


The Delivery Service delivers data and output to a wide range of channels and services.

From traditional channels like email and postal delivery over digital channels (f.e. digital mailboxes, digital ecosystems) and third-party brokers (f.e. Tungsten, SAP Ariba and Tradeshift), all the way to PEPPOL Authorities. The Delivery Engine covers it all.

For every document, it can be specified whether it must be delivered via a single channel, multiple channels or via a cascade of channels (f.e. email first and fallback to print).


The Document Engine integrates document related actions to facilitate:

  • zero-friction payment flows for consumers, business and the public sector: Unifiedpost Payments
  • the digital signature of contracts and other valuable documents with ease: Unifiedpost Sign
  • the digital registered letter in a trusted and qualified environment: Unifiedpost Digitally. Registered.


The Unifiedpost Archive is a scalable cloud-based long-term archive solution that legally archives large volumes of documents. 

  • Via a simple, user-friendly web-based user interface, the Archive offers long-term and immediate access to documents of a sender. 
  • Via well-documented standardized technical interfaces (APIs), the Archive can be integrated into applications of the sender.

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