E-invoicing in the construction industry

As from the 1st of January it is permitted for contractors in the Netherlands and Belgium to send invoices electronically to the government via a secured link. Emailing a PDF invoice won’t be enough, the invoice has to be delivered in the UBL format. UBL stands for Universal Business Language and is the worldwide default language for e-invoicing.

E-invoicing is the future. It is faster, easier, more precise and it saves entrepreneurs a lot of administrative hassle. Besides this also third parties can profit financially of this. Research shows that if the Netherlands will change to e-invoicing rapidly, in time companies can save a yearly amount of 1,2 billion euros. Every party involved in this issue admits that this milestone is necessary. An e-invoice is a systematically set up, electronic file (no PDF) where all data has its own meaning ans is always set on a specific spot in the file. The current set XML format of the government is UBL 2.1. An email with a PDF-invoice won’t be accepted by the government.

When you are going to invoice electronically to the government, directly or via your software provider, you are facing the following challenges:

- The implementing of or the converting to the right format, UBL 2.1
- Putting unique OIN number on XML of receiving party at the government
- Connecting to the Digipoort or Simplerinvoicing network to send invoices to the government (emailing is not allowed)

Unifiedpost is providing the following

- Connection to Simplerinvoicing for sending but also for receiving invoices
- Conversion of INSBOU003 to UBL 2.1 (default government format)
- Link table between GLN and OIN number

You provide us with INSBOU003 invoices through a secured link, we convert this to UBL 2.1 en deliver the invoice to the government via the Simplerinvoicing network.


This depends on how you can connect. With several construction industry software we already realised standard sending links. In this case you will only pay for the invoice you’re sending. But even custom connections won’t have to be expensive. A condition is that your software can provide INSBOU003 or UBL 2.1 to UnifiedPost. Not just the construction industry, but multiple industries are switching to electronic invoicing as from the 1st of January 2017.

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