Unifiedpost at a glance

Unifiedpost at a glance


At Unifiedpost Group, it’s our mission to help customers structure complex financial ecosystems by delivering convenient, smart and fully digital solutions.

As from the foundation of Unifiedpost Group in 2001, we support enterprises in making the transition from paper-based processes to automated digital processes. By connecting clients with their stakeholders, we automate sales and purchase transactions and unlock liquidity.

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We want to become the leading cloud-based platform for SME business services built on documents, identity and payments.

Unifiedpost believes that businesses seek to digitalize and optimize the various steps in their administrative and financial value chains: from contract to invoice, from invoice to paid invoice and from payment to other related processes, such as invoice financing. This requires a reliable platform connecting various economic operators (i.e., customers, suppliers, financial institutions, governments, accountants, etc.). Whereas Corporates typically seek tailored solutions that can be integrated into their own business systems, Unifiedpost believes that SMEs seek an accessible, reliable “one-stop shop” solution.

Unifiedpost seeks to grow its business organically by
(i) growing volume from its existing customer base, including by cross- and upselling supplementary higher margin Payments, Identity and Platform Services
(ii) onboarding additional Business Ecosystems
(iii) adding more Corporate customers and partnerships,
(iv) expanding its service offering, and
(v) international expansion.

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