Eesti Energia cooperates with Unifiedpost Group for sending sales invoices

La Hulpe
Fitek AS (“Fitek”), part of Unifiedpost Group, became the partner for sending sales invoices for Eesti Energia, an international energy company owned by the Estonian state and the largest energy company in Estonia
Fitek won a public procurement and expects to send approximately 500,000 sales invoices per month to customers of Eesti Energia


Within the framework of a four-year agreement, Unifiedpost Group, through Fitek, will offer Eesti Energia invoicing services and invoicing management. E-invoices are sent to end-customers via banks and to small and large companies via financial software, as well as via e-mail (in PDF format) and by post (in paper format).

According to Indrek Randveer, Director of Sales and Customer Experience at Eesti Energia, a high-quality and smooth invoicing system is the foundation of good customer experience. “We have a long standing and effective cooperation with Fitek in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Now the sending of all Eesti Energia invoices and letters is in the hands of one partner, as a result of which we hope to offer our customers an even better, faster, and more personal service,” said Randveer.

Andrus Kaarelson, CEO Fitek Estonia, says that the tender win is the company's largest transaction in three years in the Estonian and Baltic markets. “Fitek sends 1.5 million invoices every month, and with the Eesti Energia contract, an additional 0.5 million invoices will be added. In cooperation with Eesti Energia, as Estonia's largest invoice sender, we aim to accelerate the transition to e-invoicing and reduce the sending of PDF and paper invoices. E-invoicing solutions help automate work to increase the quality of processes and increase efficiency. It is also important to save time and speed up the flow of money.

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