Design & Compose

Design, compose and deliver Marketing & Service outbound communications with one solution

Design & Compose allows organisations to turn data into beautiful and highly personalised PDF documents, emails or actionable HTML communications with one single solution. You can easily create a more engaging and effortless customer experience (CX) through relevant, individualized and actionable communications for all channels across the entire customer journey.

Design & Compose empowers your employees closest to the customers to impact the customer experience for the better, independently from IT. Each person needed to contribute to your communication process can now do so more effectively and efficiently than ever.

For any organisation that has the ambition to implement a modern and future-proof customer communication management platform, Design & Compose is a crucial component.

Design & Compose can be used as a standalone or in combination with Deliver & Archive. When used as a standalone service, the user is responsible for further processing the generated output. When used in combination with Deliver & Archive, the output can be delivered via a wide range of channels including Billtobox/Banqup, Adminbox, email, print and archive.


The complexity of Customer Touch points

Customer communication is one of the most important contributing elements to the overall Customer Experience.

3 components

  • Via the design studio, business users can manage (create, edit, test and promote) content (templates, content blocks) and related assets (images, themes and data models) for output and form production.
  • The compose runtime accepts data and turns them into personalized output (variants of HTML or PDF) or personalized forms
  • With the interactive composition service, business users can interactively change a communication instance just before it is sent out to allow personalization that requires a human touch.


Increase Customer Experience

Deliver relevant, individualized communications using your customer’s preferred channel

Faster time-to-market

Personalize communications without IT intervention by empowering your business users

Improve operational efficiency

Standardize document template design for all messaging 

Brand consistency

Use one template for multiple brands and languages

Design & Compose Self-Hosted Edition

Unifiedpost focuses primarily on providing 100% cloud-based solutions. As Design & Compose turns sensitive data into communications and companies want to be in full control of their data flows and related security requirements, we made it also available as a self-hosted edition, called Design & Compose SHE.

Unifiedpost Design & Compose SHE is a scalable solution that on the one hand provides tooling to manage content templates and on the other hand provides a performant scalable and installable engine that turns your data into output files.  

It complements the Unifiedpost Design & Compose product in the sense that it makes it possible to design templates in a cloud environment and to generate output on the infrastructure of choice (being a local data center, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure). 

With respect to the template editing capabilities, Unifiedpost Design & Compose SHE adds the Desktop Designer as an additional option for the creation of templates and includes a graphical tool to design the entire document flow process from data retrieval to output delivery. 

Download our whitepaper

More info on the latest version 21.04 can be found in our whitepaper. Unifiedpost Design & Compose SHE version 21.04 is the successor of the Scriptura Engage version 19.04.



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